Behind the Scenes: Explainer Video, PetPlate “How it Works”

PetPlate tapped KSK’s Director, Manny Kivowitz, to help develop this innovative “explainer” video for their webpage and social media channels.  “It was a really fun challenge, we had to quickly create all of these environments in a single studio location,  working with non-pro pups including the PetPlate founder’s dog.  We had a great team, a fantastic client and amazing dogs, which made putting this one together a blast” says Kivowitz.

video art direction nyc

KSK art directors set up 3 domestic living spaces within a photo studio environment. We made sure to incorporate Pet Plate’s brand colors– blue and yellow into each set, while still giving each set its own character and style.

video production food shoot tabletop nyc

For the tabletop food close up shots, we featured master food photographer, Peter Pioppo who lent his hand(s) as stylist that day as he sliced and diced delicious fruits and veggies which are all part of PetPlate’s ingredient line up.

commercial video director new york

Director/DP Manny Kivowitz has a deep interest and passion for shooting food… usually its people food.  He had a great time make PetPlate’s Grade A ingredients look as good as any meal you might make at home – but that was easy he said, they use a lot of the same ingredients I do when cooking for my family!

ksk studios video production pet plate

small kitchen set design nyc

storyboard commercial video comparison to still 1

interview with startup founder video nyc

Setting up an interview shot with the founder of the company. In the distance, we have a second camera set up to pick up a side angle. 2 camera interview setups allow for an easier edit in post.

screen shot of pet food commercial nyc

Here is the resulting mid shot from the interview, captured with our main (center) camera. We used a lower aperture to allow the background to fall out of focus. That way, the interview subjects remain the focus of the video.

ksk studios video production kitchen shoot

Setting up and blocking out a shot inside of a refrigerator. It was important to get the right angle, and to set the product in place just perfectly in order to display it in the most pleasing and convenient manner.

storyboard commercial video comparison to still 2

Here is our storyboard sketch as well as the final shot. It’s important to visualize the shots clearly ahead of the shoot during pre-production, to allow for a smooth shoot day.