Motion Graphics for Fragrance Launch Campaign Kate Spade NY

KSK Studios was tapped by NYC Agency, The Premiere Group to help launch the Kate Spade NY fragrance line “Truly” on

kate spade ad by ksk studios nyc

Truly is a unique line of fragrances rooted in color. We were asked to develop a creative treatment that would showcase each bottle individually and as a group, and the treatment needed to would work well across a variety of platforms and configurations.  The main deliverable would be a standalone video featuring all 4 fragrances, which could be broken up to promote either a single or any combination of the 4 fragrances. 

artwork for marketing created by ksk studios nyc

It was preferable that the spot(s) could endlessly loop.  Additionally, the same creative would also drive an integrated static and animated html banner campaign which we developed through delivery as well.

full service marketing strategy by ksk studios

Interesting fact: The inspiration for each fragrance in the Truly line was color, a very unique approach which required the perfumer to develop each fragrance based on inspiration drawn from a color swatch.

instagram ad by ksk studios

From there, the scents that were developed would further inspire the packaging.

We decided that blending the elements of each fragrances package design together with beauty shots of the bottles would allow us to create individual identities for each fragrance, allowing us to celebrate the color, design and scent in 4 individual choreographed treatments that were inspired by early Buzby Berkeley choreographed films.

Animation Concept Inspiration

After considering and testing both live-action filming and stop-motion photography of the products, we decided that developing photo-realistic 3D animations would the best way of creating product shots that would blend seamlessly with the 2D animated environments that would be animated with for each of the fragrances.

storyboard and video still video production nyc

Original storyboard sketches along with stills from the finished video render.

storyboard and video still video production nyc

Here’s an animatic that we created as a guide for the pacing of visuals. Our motion graphics artists used Cinema 4D and After Effects to bring these movements to life using fun and fluid animation.

And last but not least, here is the finished video! Enjoy

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