Commercial – Microsoft “Leonardo”

Web Spot – Kate Spade New York “Truly”

Explainer Video – PetPlate “How it Works”

Corporate Video – “The Disappearing Meeting”

PSA – NAACP “A lifetime appointment” featuring John Legend

PSA – Alec Baldwin “Rock the Vote” with Peanuts

Promo Video – “Making Connections” game show trailer

Promo Video – OAD Presents “New England Cooking”

Software Demo Video – “Rapid Engage”

TV Commercial – Hood “Cape Cod”

Motion Graphics Spot – Risk Assurance

Recipe Video – Flourless Chocolate Cloud Cake

Splash Page Video – ColArt

Interview Video – ColArt with Artist Corrie Baldauf

Mini Documentary – “Hackers”

Original Documentary Film – “Red Light Go”

TV Series – VH1 “Can’t Get a Date”

Promo Video – GLWD “Love Rocks NYC”

Animated Promo Video – Crispycones

Explainer Video – Candelize

Children’s Home Video Series – “Move ‘N Groove Kids”