“PetPlate - How it works” Explainer Video


PetPlate tapped KSK’s Director, Manny Kivowitz, to help develop this innovative “explainer” video for their webpage and social media channels.  “It was a really fun challenge, we had to quickly create all of these environments in a single studio location,  working with non-pro pups including the PetPlate founder’s dog.  We had a great team, a fantastic client and amazing dogs, which made putting this one together a blast” says Kivowitz.

manny kivowitz director video production nyc

commercial art direction nycKSK art directors set up 3 domestic living spaces within a large studio environment. We made sure to incorporate Pet Plate’s brand colors-- blue and yellow into each set, while still giving each set its own character and style

ksk studios nyc

We had to modify this refrigerator in order to get a product shot.

video production nyc food shoot tabletop

For the tabletop food close up shots, we featured master food stylist, Peter Pioppo as he sliced and diced delicious fruits and veggies.

Below are comparisons between the storyboard sketches we created for this project, and actual stills from the video.

storyboard drawings for video

storyboard sketches for video production

storyboards commercial video production comparison to stlls

storyboard commercial video production nyc