KSK:STUDIOS was founded by Executive Producer Manny Kivowitz in 1988. The company had humble beginnings with Manny working primarily as a Director of Photography for a small but devoted client base. KSK has steadily evolved ever since. As Manny began to move KSK from a production service organization to a full-service production company he pushed hard to keep the aesthetic bar high for every project KSK took on. 

With the launch in 2006 of the VH1 show “Can’t Get a Date,” which Kivowitz co-created with long-time associates Stefan Springman and Toby Barraud, Manny made a major leap in fulfilling one of his goals to become a recognized developer and producer of original programming for Television, Interactive and Multi Media platforms. The entire KSK team is super proud of each and every one of the 17 episodes that it created for both the VH1 and Logo networks. “Can’t Get a Date” was handled in house from development through post and premiered in April 2006 on VH1 and June 2006 on Logo. 

KSK began its transition to becoming an original programming developer in 2001 with the creation of it’s cult hit documentary “Red Light Go” which takes the audience inside the world of New York City bicycle messenger racing, often referred to as Alleycats. KSK has also created the successful children’s home video, Move ‘N Groove Kids, a creative movement program for toddlers. 

Manny has now re-focused KSK business to build on its roots, providing highly engaged, full service production/post capabilities to a advertising and corporate communications clients and maintains a steady flow of branding and communications projects for clientele spanning the United States and Europe. What distinguishes KSK from the average production/post companies and design firms is that Kivowitz offers through KSK an integral solution, bringing a variety of creative and business expertise together under one roof.

In 2012, Manny joined forces with Cycle InterActive in order to best service KSK’s clients who require web and interactive development, Kivowitz is now a full partner in the group.  Cycle IA was founded by Dyske Suematsu, a long time collaborator who’s capabilities Manny has always had the greatest respect for and they have already begun to do some fantastic work together.